Our Surf classes
With us - the Da Silva Surfschool Portugal and our help you will easily learn surfing. We dispose of the best surf gear for all levels and will take you to the most beautiful beaches with Europe’s best waves.


Surf Classes
Prices 2017
Low Season Mid Season High Season
Days Sessions 1/11 - 31/3 1/4 - 15/7
16/7 - 30/9
1 2 50 € 50 € 60 €
5 10 200 € 220 € 240 €
10 20 380 € 400 € 420 €

1 week of surf class includes:
- 5 days of intensive surf lessons (2 hours per session / 2 sessions per day) including Surf gear (surfboard, leash, wetsuit)
- Transfer to other surf spots (if necessary)
- Farewell-BBQ at the Da Silva Surfcamp

- Lunch pack between the surf sessions (6 € for sandwich, cereal bar, juice and fruits)
- 2 Qigong sessions per week (depends on availability)
- Discount granted in “Backdoor Surf Shop” (our partner since 2003)
- Discount granted in “Fatum” Custom made Surf Boards
- Much fun and some wipe-outs!

Beginners (first week):
- Theory of weather, tides, drift, waves,
surf gear and history of surfing
- Safety rules
- Right of way in the water
- Paddling, sitting, turning
- Duck dive (diving through the wave)

Improvers (second week):
- Surfing in larger waves
- Surfing over a riff
- First surfing manoeuvres
- Advanced technique
- Front & backside surfing
- Improvement of style

The surf courses usually take place from Monday to Friday. However, one or the other session may be skipped due to weather or wave conditions. In this case, substitute activities, e.g. excursions in the closer environment, SUP- or skateboard sessions or similar activities will be offered. Partially the failed sessions are also held on the weekend after.

The surf classes are given by experienced and qualified surf trainers. Depending on wave conditions and pupils’ level different surf sports in a distance of max. 20 minutes ride from Praia da Areia Branca are chosen. Care is taken to executing the lessons at beaches which are not highly overcrowded as e.g. the well-known beaches of Peniche. There the surf schools sometimes need to take numbers and wait to be called.


At the end of the entire class (beginners and advanced) every pupil should be able to stand on the board (take-off) and surf within the unbowed part of the wave (green water). Each individual success highly depends on the pupil’s motivation, talent and general sportive condition. The price includes the bus shuttle, surfboard, wet suit, insurance taken out as well as theoretical and practical lessons.

The Da Silva Surfschool Portugal has been certified as official surf school by the “Portuguese Surfing Federation” and all surf trainers have been qualified by the Portuguese Surfing Federation

Our ideology:
The best surfer is the
one having the most fun.

"Surfing is Fun"


Da Silva Surfschool Portugal, Peniche, Praia da Areia Branca from Da Silva Surfcamp Portugal.