How to arrive

Coming from Lisbon Airport (the closest one), the cheapest option to reach us is by bus.  Upon arrival to the airport, your goal is to reach SETE RIOS Bus Terminal and to get there you can either catch a taxi (+/- 10€) or take the Airport Shuttle. If you didn't combine else check in time at the Beach House is normally on Saturday and in the Surf Camp on Sunday but in both always around 4 o'clock in the afternoon.

Aerobus Lisboa

The Aeroshuttle is the best way to get from Lisbon Airport to the city center. Arriving at Lisbon airport you take the Aerobus - Line 2, Direction: Financial Center - to the Bus terminal SETE RIOS. The ticket will cost you about 3,60 € and is valid the whole day. So if you arrive in the morning you can still pay Lisbons centre a quick visit before heading towards Praia da Areia Branca. Apart from that there's also the Lisbon Zoo right across the street ... Tickets are also available online under

Rede Expressos - Der Expressbus von Lissabon nach Praia da Areia Branca und zurück

Once you're at the bus station, you have to buy a ticket at the ticket office before you catch the EXPRESSO Bus to PRAIA DA AREIA BRANCA that ends up in Peniche. The price for a one way ticket (what means in portugues: um bilhete só de ida) is 8,90€ p.P.. You can use also the following Link to download an app that allows you to buy your ticket online and display it on your smart phone:

The bus trip to Areia Branca takes about an hour and 15 minutes and there should be a bus to Peniche every two or three hours. Praia da Areia Branca itself - 2 stops before Peniche - isn't more than a halt on the streets in the middle of the small beach town. Passing through Lourinha - a smaller bus terminal - it's the next exit to come. Please find the bus schedule attached. Rede Expressos

We are pleased to pick you up from the bus station in Praia da Areia Branca. For that we recommend to send us an email 1-2 days before your arrival to inform us about your expected arrival time. Then please phone us when you are allready sitting in the bus and are sure about your exact arrival time.

Shuttle Service

If you think that all this is way to much for you or your departure-/arrival-time is out of the bus-schedule - we offer you also a shuttle service in both directions. The prices are as listed below. Make sure that you combine your needs of a shuttle in advance.

Price for 1 Person = 70 €
for 2 Persons = 40 € p.p
for 3 Persons = 30 € p.p.
for 4 Persons = 25 € p.p.
for 5 Persons = 22 € p.p.
more than 6 Persons = 20 € each

Arrival by car

In case that you plan to arrive by car please make sure that you don't put our adress into you GPS / navigation device. Just drive to Praia da Areia Branca - give us a call and we'll show you the way.

Our Address in Portugal:
Da Silva Surfcamp
Casal da Capela
Rua Pôr do Sol, N° 21
2530 - 077 Lourinhã
Google Maps:
Mobile: +351 913 880 855
Phone: +351 261 461 515

Please don't hesitate to get in contact if you have any further questions. Hang loose, have a nice trip and see you in Praia da Areia Branca!